Submitted a Journal Manuscript at IJHCI


Presented my work at iConference 2016

I have worked on projects that aim to explore the online search behaviors of Arab users with the goal of informing global technology design and policy. This work is a Google funded research project to explore the search behavior and challenges of non-native speakers of English when searching in the English language. The preliminary findings suggest a strong disparity exists between the language distribution of Web content and the representation of speakers of different languages among Web users. In particular, I examined the search behaviors of Arab speakers when searching online in English and measure the differences when searching in Arabic vs. in English. The results of this research were presented atĀ iConference Ā 2016Ā and the paper can be found (here).

iConference poster

Organized the Women in Technology forum at KKU


I am very thrilled to organize the Women in Technology forum at King Khalid University on Jan 27, 2016; a regional event which gathered thought leaders from across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to share insights on issues related to advancing the role of women in computing and exploring how to support women in technology in contributing to the national transformation plan in the Kingdom. In this event, I presented on my experience about my involvement in ArabWIC and its role in advancing the careers of women in technology in my local context. Attendees had the opportunity to connect with others interested in information technology, software engineering, information systems and computer science. Ā Here is the slides of my presentation. To read more about the ArabWIC Saudi Arabia Chapter participation at this event, click here.