Organized a Q&A Chat on Twitter

Twitter Chat 1

Around the beginning of Summer 2017, I co-organized with my friend, Aseel Addawood, a Twitter Q&A session under the topic “Summer is around the corner: how to improve your technical skills through self learning”.   This Q&A session was hosted online in Twitter with the hashtag #AskArabWIC on June 11th for one hour at 10pm Saudi Time.


The session hosted five panelists with a variety of backgrounds. Here is the list of panelists:

  1. Ahad Aljarf, PhD – PhD in Steganography | Cofounder of @Re7latAltaghier and @qyamk
  2. Salaha Alzahrani, PhD –  Vice-Dean of Postgraduate Studies at Taif University| Advisory Board of @ArabWIC_KSA
  3. Nour Alkhalil – Service Delivery Manager at|VP of Technology at ArabWIC |Website Coordinator at @ArabWIC_KSA
  4. Ohoud Alshwkani – Computer programmer at KKU_IT | Ambassador at @ArabWIC_KSA
  5. Walaa Alshuail – System Engineer |Founder of |Ambassador at @ArabWIC_KSA

The panelists have shared their experiences in professional development, describing learning resources and providing recommendations for the audience on ways to develop capacity in technical domains. This online Q&A panel was well received in our local community, with a great deal of interaction from the attendees on social media. You can follow the coverage of the chat on the hashtag: #AskArabWIC.



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